1) What is the purpose of this faq?

Here at Films Fatale, we like to keep our relationship with our readers honest. Part of this trust comes from a full understanding of what Films Fatale is all about. Therefore, this FAQ can provide answers to primary questions you may have. If not, feel free to visit the “Contact” tab to ask a more personalized question.

3 a.) What are these icons in the legend for?

Films have been allocated one of six designated categories (with the option to fulfill two labels at once if they are deemed “exceptional”). “Mainstream” indicates if a film is conventional in nature (think of a common blockbuster); “Art House”, on the contrary, will contain more experimental or unorthodox works (or even any work that feels inaccessible enough to not be considered “Mainstream”).

“Indie” will highlight independent films (in all senses of that description). “Family” will provide a certainty that a film in question is suitable for all ages, to avoid any misconceptions. “Acting Vehicle” will tag any film that was created to clearly exhibit the talents of the lead performer(s), in order to give the reader a quick, opinion-based classification of the review they are about to read.

4) Does the 5-star rating work the same way as it does on other sites?

Absolutely. For a quick referral, this is one way to interpret what each rating may mean.
0-Abysmal. Avoid at all costs.
0.5-Poor. A painful watch.
1-Bad. Could be entertaining for the wrong reasons.
1.5-Weak. May have good intentions but bad attempts.
2-Unsatisfactory. Misses the mark enough to be noticeable.
2.5-Mediocre. Much to be desired.
3-Okay. It might be your film, and it might not be.
3.5-Good. Not a risk to try.
4-Noteworthy. Great films to watch.
4.5-Affecting. Strong films with something extra.
5-Perfect. The highest honour.


2) What am I going to find here?

Films Fatale serves two primary functions. Firstly, it provides a platform for editorial content. This includes articles on current topics in cinema, and opinion pieces about the industry. Secondly, we generate reviews of films, whether they are recently released or are a part of a legacy/classic review (a series that will commence in the future, so keep a close look!).

3 B.) What is the “exceptional” label?

The “Exceptional” label has been saved for key films that we have deemed worthy of such a title. These works are highlights of the year in film, including works that are currently vital, and can potentially become classics in due time. “Exceptional” is saved specifically for films that achieve a 4.5 or a 5 out of 5 stars. These films will be flagged with the icon on the front page to alert readers which works have been selected before they even click on the review.

Just because a film may not be deemed “Exceptional”, that does not mean that it is a bad film. Many good-to-great works may not be stamped “Exceptional”, simply to preserve the prestige the honour carries (otherwise, we’d been handing this out to every other film!).

5) I want to write for Films Fatale. What do I do?

We are honoured to have new writers and content creators on board! Head over to the “Contact” tab and write a thorough message, detailing why you wish to work for Films Fatale. If you found this site through a job posting, please include where you found it.

Résumés and cover letters can be discussed once your initial message has been created (and therefore an email correspondence can be created).

Films Fatale is still in its initial stages, so do keep that in mind when applying. Nonetheless, we are always looking forward to expanding our family with fellow cinephiles!