Films Fatale's Next Few Months (and our Distant Future)


Hello, dearest readers! Andreas here. I firstly want to thank all of you for your dedication. We’ve not even reached a full year yet as a website, and we’re achieving traffic numbers I couldn’t have dreamed of. Thank you so much. You’re the fuel that keeps a readership-based vessel like Films Fatale going.

That’s precisely why we have a lot of content coming out soon. Our usual columns (On-This-Day Thursday, Post Script, 5 Films for Newcomers, and the like) will be put on a temporary hold. They will return with extra juice in the new year.

For now, we have a couple of major projects currently underway. The first one, as you know by now, is the best-of-the-decade lists arriving sometime mid November (the specific date is to be determined). We will also have a Best Films of 2019 list, but that will come towards the latter end of December this year. Is it counterintuitive to have a year best list after a decade best list? Most probably, but we want the decade list to enjoy its rounds before we dive straight first into a new era (the 2020’s). The end-of-year list is a nice way to open a new year. The decade lists are something that we won’t get to again for literally another ten years. We want this less frequent occasion to be celebrated.

Part of this decision making process, is because of our other major project that will be starting very soon. We want to develop a section of Films Fatale catered strictly for “Best Of” lists and articles. After the 2010’s decade list is out, we vow to have a new decade list every couple of months. We will go in reverse order, since we are starting with the 2010’s. The next list will be the 100 best films of the 2000’s, then the '1990’s, then the 1980’s, so on and so forth. We will eventually reach the silent short films that cinema started with, and we will lump all of those early years together. Otherwise, expect every decade from the 1910’s onwards to get their own top films lists. This is a massive project that will take a very long time, especially with each list coming out every few months or so (we’re projecting every four to six months for each list).

What other content will be a part of this new section, though? Well, it’s no surprise that we love the discussion of the Academy Awards here at Films Fatale (even if we often disagree with nominees and winners). We feel a story can be told with each ceremony and winner. We will rank every nomination category as we did last year for the next ceremony in 2020. To lead up to it, though, we want to to all the way. As a countdown to the next ceremony’s nominations announcement (January 13th), we will review every single Best Picture winner from the very beginning. That’s ninety one winners to go through (plus an additional one review for the very first Academy Awards ceremony, which technically had two winners). One film a day, plus the current film reviews we always do. Now you know why we’ve avoided some requested films for our On-This-Day Thursday column: they were being saved for this. From Wings (and Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans), all the way to Green Book. Every Best Picture winner review will be kept in one section, and whoever wins that award from hereon out will be given the same treatment. This will begin October 13th, 2019.

You can see why some of our popular columns will have to be put on hold for a bit. Nonetheless, they will return, and will last for even longer (especially since a lot of this upcoming work is a means of expanding our site currently, and these movements will be long established by this time next year).

We hope you like what’s coming up. We love to celebrate cinema here at Films Fatale, and having these discussions about the greatest (or supposed greatest) works ever is one way to go about these conversations. We thank you again for your dedication. Expect a looooooooooot of stuff heading your way.

All the best,

-Andreas Babiolakis
Creator of Films Fatale

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Andreas Babiolakis has a Masters degree in Film and Photography Preservation and Collections management from Ryerson University, as well as a Bachelors degree in Cinema Studies from York University. His favourite times of year are the Criterion Collection flash sales and the annual Toronto International Film Festival.